Worship Services 

Sunday, February 4: Rev. Bill Zelazny

Southern UUs in the Civil Rights Era

Unitarian Universalist and our antecedent faith traditions have made some major blunders, individually and collectively in dealing with people of color and civil rights. But we have also shown vision and courage in the era of the fight for civil rights. On this Sunday in Black History month, Bill will discuss how southern U and U and UU congregations faced the cultural environment in which they lived and functioned.

Sunday, February 11: Rev. Bill Zelazny

Do I have to Love ALL my Neighbors as Myself?

We are admonished to love your neighbor as yourself.  Is that possible?  Who does that?  How would a person begin doing that? Are some people unlovable? This Sunday Bill will take a look at the topic of love in its broadest sense – everyone.

On this Sunday before Valentine’s Day we will honor the tradition of chocolate for Valentine’s Day with our second annual Chocolate Decadence Fest in the Parish Hall after the service.  You are invited to bring your favorite chocolate dessert or decadent offering, homemade or store bought, to share at Fellowship.  No sign up…just bring your chocolate offering to the Parish Hall before the service and come to indulge after the service.   


Sunday, February 18: Guest Minister, Rev. Charles B. Ortman

Who Decides What Narrative?             

Rev. Ortman was ordained from Meadville/Lombard Theological School in 1992, and was recently a 2-year Interim Minister at First Unitarian-Providence after 20 years of leading the UU congregation of Montclair, NJ. His path to UU ministry includes Conscientious Objector status during the Viet Nam War, a career in social work for many years and a two-decade career as a musician. He is devoted to his wife Judy and their 3 children, for whom he was an at-home dad in their early years, and is now a delighted grandfather.

Sunday, February 25: The Stewardship Team and Rev. Bill Zelazny

Money Makes the World Go ‘Round, and Channing Church Too

Yes, this is the service where we kick off our annual stewardship canvass.  But, don’t be afraid to come because we are talking about money – it will be a very interesting service.  Bill and members of the Stewardship Team will talk about money and look at what money raised in past years has done and what it could do for the programs and ministries of Channing Memorial Church in the years ahead.

We have invited back Farm Dog, the band we had last year for the stewardship service, to bring us an energetic, toe tapping interpretation of traditional and original material with an old-timey feel