Worship Services 

 July 1st : Emerson’s Shadow,

Rev. Mandy Beal

Ralph Waldo Emerson is much revered in Unitarian Universalist congregations because of the important role he played in shaping our religious tradition. However, is it possible that some of his ideals might be holding us back? 

July 8:   Is God Just Another Guy? A Biological View of Religion

Dr. Margaret Polski

Dr. Margaret Polski looks at the evidence related to how the brain processes concepts of God, and offers us a chance to hear a sampling of “brain music.” 

July 15:  I Doubt It

Rev. Dr. Kathleen A. Green

The power of doubt can be an important part of the spiritual journey, wherever you may find yourself on the theological spectrum. Come and explore the connection between doubt, faith, and truth.

July 22: “If I Was Asked to Write an 8th UU Principle, It Would Be . .”

Capt. Tom Beall

Curious?  Come find out my answer.

July 29: Everyday Happiness

Maryellen Doherty 

“Think happy thoughts!” “Be happy always!” While these words might look good on a refrigerator magnet, happiness can seem quite elusive until we decide to make it a focus in our day-to-day living. Maryellen will share the practice she follows to invite happiness into her life each day.

August 5: Ram Mohan Roy: An Indian Unitarian?

Dr. Tom Howard

Ram Mohan Roy was a Bengali Brahmin, who in 1821 helped organize the Calcutta Unitarian Society.  In 1828, he was one of the founders of the Brahmo Samaj, which called for the radical reform of Hinduism and became central to the development of modern Bengali culture.  He published a book titled The Precepts of Jesus:  The Guide to Peace and Happiness.  William Ellery Channing described him as the man he most regretted never having a chance to meet. Was Roy a Christian?  Was he a Hindu?  Was he a Unitarian?  We will consider these questions.

August 12:  Wonder Woman 1942-2017, Nadia Comaneci and the Notorious RBG

Rev. Jeanette Bessinger

Anatomy of a cultural awakening

A profound transformation of beliefs about the social position, relative value and rights of women is taking place in our lifetime, both in ourselves as individuals and as a culture. This gradual awakening of consciousness is the result of a dynamic, ongoing interplay of individual and collective insights and actions. Wonder Woman’s 75-year evolution provides a unique lens for this unfolding, interactive, ultimately spiritual shift.

August 19:  Silence

John Prevedini 

August 26: The Seven Principles:  There is Theology Buried There

Rev. Bill Zelazny

The Unitarian Universalist’s seven Principles were once described as theology wrapped in ethical words.  When we talk about our guiding principles we are really expressing profound theological positions on human kind and relationships.  In this sermon Bill will explore the theological underpinnings of the Principles.  

September 2:  Sermon: TBA

Eleanor Doumato

Parking for Worship Services

Summer is busy in Newport!  To make Sunday parking easier there are yellow maps available on the Sanctuary back table (next to the exit) showing parking spaces within walking distance of church. These spaces are available during the Sunday worship services only (ESPECIALLY AT THE ART MUSEUM!) . Don’t forget to put your map on your dashboard where it is clearly visible to identify you as a Channing Parishioner. Please note that parking is not allowed to us by the Elk’s lodge.