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Sunday,  June 3rd:Encouraging Children’s Spirituality

Jess Thomas & Bill Zelazny

Connecting to the spiritual and engaging in spiritual practices isn’t just for adults. Children do think about what adults call spirituality and come naturally to many of the ways that people use to get closer to the sacred, broadly defined.   Jess and Bill will discuss what spirituality means for children, and how adults can help their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews explore spiritual expression in age appropriate manners.

Sunday, June 11th: Pride Service: Are We Really Born This Way?

Rex LeBeau & Interweave

Yes, we’ve all heard the popular Lady Gaga song and maybe even helped with Channing’s own Born This Way Prom.  What does this phrase really mean when it comes to being part of the LGBTQ community?  Maybe you’ve heard of some people knowing they were queer at a young age.  Maybe you’ve heard of people coming out later in life after a surprise change in identity.  Let’s explore this concept as it relates to the wonderful mess it can be to be human.

Sunday, June 17: Masculine Spirituality

Rev. Bill Zelazny

In the 1970’s and ‘80s the men’s movement developed alongside and sometimes in response to the women’s movement and feminism.  Over the years the movement branched into different groupings and focuses – therapeutic, self-help, fathering,  freeing the male spirit, pro-feminist initiatives.  One aspect of this male identity process engendered by the men’s movement is work done by men to appropriately access masculine spirituality.  This Father’s Day Sunday Bill will look at the concept of masculine spirituality and how men connect with the divine.  He would assume that this topic probably will be of interest to women too.

Sunday, June 24: Sermon Topic TBD

Guest Speaker, Ed hardy

Parking for Worship Services

Summer is busy in Newport!  To make Sunday parking easier there are yellow maps available on the Sanctuary back table (next to the exit) showing parking spaces within walking distance of church. These spaces are available during the Sunday worship services only (ESPECIALLY AT THE ART MUSEUM!) . Don’t forget to put your map on your dashboard where it is clearly visible to identify you as a Channing Parishioner. Please note that parking is not allowed to us by the Elk’s lodge.