Upcoming Events

Sunday, October 1: Rev. Bill Zelazny

Forming and Expressing Our Core Beliefs

We Unitarian Universalists find our religious beliefs by direct experience of mystery and wonder, words and deeds of prophetic women and men, and wisdom from the world’s religion. This Sunday Bill will explore how we develop and express our personal theology which, borrowing the title of a book of prayers by A. Powel Davies, he sees as our Language of the Heart.

Bill will be offering a three part class, Building Your Own Theology” on October 11, 25 and November 8 to explore this topic of developing and expressing our personal theology about the “Big Questions” of life such as what is holy, sin and salvation, death and immortality, how do we account for evil. Sign up for the class during coffee hour at The Learning Center Table.

Sunday, October 8: Rev Bill Zelazny & Judith Porter

Our Pet Companions and What They Teach Us About Life

In honor of Francis of Assisi who was born on October 4th, Judy Porter and Bill will look at how our pets influence our lives and what they teach us about living and dying.

As part of our Time of Sharing on October 8, members and friends of the congregation who would like to remember or honor a family pet, living or dead, will be invited to place a photograph of the pet on our “Pet Honor Table” at the front of the church.

Sunday, October 15: A secular sermon by Robert M. Thorson

We Have Taken Up His Ideas

For many, Henry David Thoreau, was just another dead white male author who wrote about Nature and contributed to America’s literary canon. For some contemporary UUs, he was a prophetic voice for what we now believe. “We have taken up his ideas,” preached the Reverend Howard Dana earlier this summer at First Parish Unitarian Church in Concord, Massachusetts. “Because he would not come to us, we had to come to him.”

Sunday, October 22: Jeannette Bessinger

Reclaiming Love’s Fierceness in Times of Crisis

An exploration of the “dark mother” energy missing from Christian theology

When disaster hits – hurricanes, fires, threats – and we face our darkest moments of loss and pain, we often feel trapped, not only by the circumstances but by a paralysis of denial and fear for our future. In the heart of times like these, we have a powerful opportunity for spiritual and emotional liberation.

When we’re feeling the most stuck, we can call on a kind of Fierce Love to help cut through the illusions that keep us trapped in pain and anxiety. This Fierce Love, embodied as different versions of a “dark mother” in many world faiths and mythologies – Kali, Hecate, Persephone – is largely absent from the Christian tradition, and not easily available to us. Through her, we’ll explore how the deepest darkness can lead to the brightest light.

Sunday, October 29: Rev. Bill Zelazny

A Look at God

Let’s walk into some challenging territory for many Unitarian Universalists. Continuing with October’s theme of theological issues for UUs, this Sunday Bill will spend some time talking about the concept of God.

Sunday, September 3: Rev. Tom Schade

Our Golden Calf: The mechanism of injustice in contemporary America.  

Rev. Tom Schade returns to lead his third service at Channing.  Rev. Schade retired in 2012 after serving for 13 years as minister of First Unitarian Church of Worcester, and lives in Providence.

Sunday, September 10: Rev. Bill Zelazny

Creating a “WE”

This is In-gathering Sunday and what better way is there than to take a look at who we are in our faith tradition and congregations.  Yes, Unitarian Universalism is the religious home for fiercely independent individuals, free to explore and follow their own spiritual paths.  However, it is also all about community. Bill will discuss building and maintaining community, our “we”, while also honoring our belief in radical individualism in religious expression.

As part of this service we will conduct our traditional water ceremony. All are invited to bring a small container of water from a place of importance to you—home, vacation site, hiking trail—to blend with the water of other Channing members to represent the forming of our special community.

The annual congregation potluck picnic will follow the service  

Sunday, September 17: Rev. Bill Zelazny

We Were That, But Now We are Different

This sermon continues Bill’s exploration of Unitarianism Universalism that started with his August 27 sermon. Unitarianism has experienced several theological paradigm shifts. Bill will look at the five major theological paradigms that guided Unitarianism during the past 200 years.

Channing Community Fair (after the service): Meet the many faces of the the Channing community, sample a few delicious snacks, and join in to add your skills and talents to the mix of activities, service, and programs that make up the “we” of Channing Memorial Church.

Sunday, September 24: Rev. Bill Zelazny & Irene Glasser

Let us celebrate Rosh Hashanah  

Channing member Irene Glasser and Rev Bill will lead the service in honor of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Join us through music and words as we greet the year 5778 and wish for a sweet New Year for ourselves and for peace for the world. Our fellowship following the service will feature some Jewish pastries that are traditional for Rosh Hashanah.