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Sunday,  March 5: 6 Remarkable Unitarian and Universalist Women and their Words           

Kathy Takata & Rev. William Zelazny

This Sunday, in recognition of Women’s History Month, Bill and Kathy will present the biographies and writings of six Unitarian and Universalist women who made an undeniable impact on Unitarian universalism and society in general. With this sculpture it can be said there is definitely a there, there.

Sunday, March 12: Tragedy, Death, Pessimism, Despair, Miracle, Interconnection and Joy

Rev. Steve Wilson 

Ever walked into a church service hurting, and found that the optimism that flowed from the choir and pulpit failed to soothe.  If so, this is a service for you.  Need a good cry?  Come!  Come assured that your sadness will not be lonely.  Today we will be healed by a good honest cry and the peace and even laughter that “can” come from that journey.

Sunday, March 19: Right Speech - A Practice

Rev. Kathleen A. Green

Within Buddhism, Right Speech is one of the Five Precepts for ethical conduct, as well as one of the components of the Noble Eightfold Path.  Here the word “Right” is not a moral judgment to be contrasted with bad or wrong, but means “leading to happiness for oneself and others.” A practice for us all!

 Rev. Kathleen A. Green is a Doctoral candidate at New York Theological Seminary in New York City.  Her dissertation concerns collaboration between humanists and religious adherents in interfaith engagement. Currently, she serves as Chair of the Board of Directors for the Yale Humanist Community and is part of the teaching faculty at Claremont Lincoln University.   She is the author of  Goodness Gracious, a children’s book of humanist reflections, due out later this year.

 Sunday, March 26: To Be On Fire for Justice

Rev. Bill Zelazny & Channing Youth

The sermon title is drawn from a quote by Cornel West, the prolific author and political activist. Bill thinks this statement is an appropriate call for our congregation. This Sunday, Bill, assisted by our children and youth, will spend some time reflecting on the issue of economic justice and the marginalized worker who functions in the “informal sector” of our economy.


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