Channing’s Social Action Committee (SAC) enacts the social justice and human rights aspirations of our UUA principles through direct service, advocacy, education and political action.

SAC works to achieve the UU social goals through committee activities and by supporting the efforts of individual members of the congregation. It works to integrate social justice activities into the fabric of Channing’s congregational life and to call attention to local and world issues. It often collaborates with other Channing initiatives, such as Green Congregation, Family Ministry, Interweave and The Learning Center, to achieve mutual goals.

The SAC functions through subcommittees known as Focus Groups, which for the 2017-2018 Church year are as follows:

Focus Groups

  • Church members cook and serve The Monthly Community Meal for the physical and social health of all participants.
  • The Channing congregation contributes to an annual UUSC Guest at Your Table financial collection the during the winter holidays.
  • On the last Saturday of the month, church members prepare, transport, and serve Breakfast at the McKinney Shelter for its homeless residents.
  • The Green Congregation and SAC sponsor the collection of necessary non-food items which cannot be purchased with SNAP coupons (formerly food stamps). The items are distributed by local food pantries. The Sharing Locker donations are also supported by the Boomerang Bookshelf (a used book exchange) and the sale of Fair Trade Products, such as Equal Exchange’s fair trade coffee.
  • Every month, SAC designates a non-profit organization to Share the Plate — Channing’s practice to give away half of the offering made by the congregation’ during each Sunday service.
  • Through the Unitarian/Universalist Legislative Ministry of Rhode Island (UULMRI), the SAC actively participates in the legislative agenda of this state. Church members testify at legislative committee hearings, and contact legislative committee members to educate them regarding the position of the UU Churches. Click here for to read more about UULMRI and its work.