November 2023

November 2023

Sunday worship at 10:00am in the Sanctuary

Services are live streamed on the CHANNING YOU TUBE CHANNEL and available for viewing afterwards.

Sunday, November 5: Concepts of Faith

Rev. Bill Zelazny

When people talk about faith most are probably thinking about Western Christian faith.  But religious faith has broader implications and application.  This Sunday Bill will lead us in an exploration of the concept of religious faith that goes beyond just a belief in a Western God entity. 

Sunday, November 12: Fascism American Style

Rev. Bill Zelazny  

People with a progressive or left leaning political view are claiming that fascism is on the rise in the USA. Other, primarily conservatives of libertarians say that is not the case, but rather the Alt-Right is just a more robust conservative political/social perspective but not fascist.  As the 2024 political campaigns start to get into full-swing Bill will help us look at this social/political phenomenon that has become part of our political discourse. 

 Jon Dember, a folk music musician, whose music has roots in British and American county music, who plays the button accordion, will be our guest musician.  Jon formed the group, Farm Dogs, who play around the area at farmer’s markets and festivals and has played for our services several times in the past years.

 The 2nd Sunday of the month is our nonperishable foods collection for local food banks.

This Sunday we are taking a special collection to help fund our Community Meals program that is low on cash.  See the article about Community Meals on page 2 of the Catalyst

Sunday, November 19: The Gratitude Generosity Loop

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Research has shown that gratitude can lead to generosity. In a sense, gratitude seems to prepare the brain for generosity.  Perhaps this is why researchers have observed that grateful people give more — our brains create a gratitude-generosity loop. We are thankful for the generosity shown to us, and that thankfulness inspires our own compassion and generosity. On this Sunday before Thanksgiving Day, Bill will look at this psychological, emotional phenomenon. 

Monday, November 20 is Transgender Day of Remembrance in the USA.  During and after the service members of Channing Interweave will lead a commemorative time to honor the transgender people whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence in this past year. 

Sunday, November 26: Attention is a Finite Resource-Don’t Waste It

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Our attention determines the direction toward which we focus our minds.  The universe is ours to explore as we wish.  But there are forces – business, government, social justice organizations and other’s – that work hard to commoditized it. Getting our attention is now a multibillion-dollar industry.  If we pay attention to what is happening, we will find that our attentional powers are constantly under attack and those powers are limited.  This Sunday Bill will invite us to pay some attention to who we allow to have ownership over our consciousness.