How Are We Governed?

Channing Memorial Church is a democratic society operating under established bylaws. The members determine the budget, call the minister, and elect officers—including the Board of Trustees, which guides the business affairs, administration, and policies of the church.

The church is funded, in large part, by the pledged contributions and fund-raising activities of both members and friend within the congregation.

Church members and friends are welcome to attend all congregational meetings, discussions and events and participate as appropriate in meetings. Only members have the right to vote at congregational meetings.

Meetings of the Board of Trustees normally occur on the third Thursday evening of the month and are open to church members.

Eleanor Duomato

Julie Herrick

Susan Booth
Member at Large

David Banister
Finance Chair

Tom Howard

JoAnn Rosemont

Margaret Polski
Member at Large

Ginny Spaulding

Marian Royer
Program Coordinator

Bill Hawkins
Member at Large