The members of Channing Memorial Church govern their own affairs democratically under bylaws and policies, through annual election of officers, trustees and other volunteers, and with in partnership with minister and staff. Members and friends support the church through an annual stewardship campaign, fundraising, bequests and other donations. For more information, contact

Becoming a member
Any individual who is in general agreement with the values and principles held by Unitarian Universalists, generally described by the UUA’s Principles and Purposes statement, can join. People of all theological/philosophical beliefs – theist, agnostic, atheist, humanist, buddhist, wiccan, earth-based spirituality, undetermined – are welcome to engage in the life of the congregation.

After you have spent some time learning about Channing Memorial Church and Unitarian Universalism you may decide you wish to become a formal member of the congregation. To become a member an individual signs the membership book, often done in a brief ceremony during a Sunday service. Although there are no participation requirements such as obligatory Sunday attendance, members are encouraged to come to church regularly, take part in the activities or the congregation as their time and energy permit, help the congregation with their talents and make a financial commitment to support the ministries and programs of the congregation.

Introductory membership information classes are held throughout the year by the Membership committee.

If you are interested in discussing membership at Channing Memorial contact a member of the Membership Committee or the Rev. Bill Zelazny.