Worship Services 

Sunday, September 2:  Eleanor Doumato

What Jeff Sessions and the Rev. Channing Can Teach Us About Islam

Everyone likes to prove a point by quoting Scripture, even when quoting nonsense. Our Rev. Channing will have none of it, and with a little help from Bob Kieronski he’s paying us a visit, just to make sure we [and people of other religious traditions] get it.  Also visiting us is our friend and one-time Channing member Fredric Sirasky to play his ukulele and clarinet.

Eleanor Doumato is a retired professor of Middle East History who studies the religious underpinnings of the Islamic State.

In gathering Sunday, September 9: Rev. Bill Zelazny

The Value of Religion

A Religious Landscape Study done in 2014 found that Americans, as a whole, have become somewhat less religious in recent years by traditional measures of religious.  But, many people still are involved in religion.  It is, therefore, logical to ask, why do people — why do we — come to church and participate in religion?  What is the value of religion for people and for society?  On this in-gathering Sunday, Bill will explore what religion can give us that science and other institutions cannot.

Water Ceremony: As part of our in-gathering, we will have our traditional water ceremony where we will mix together the waters brought by congregation members.  Everyone is invited to bring a small amount of water from their home spigot as a symbol of bringing our home and secular lives into our church and religious life.

Congregation “Welcome Back” Potluck Picnic in Touro Park; The annual congregation potluck picnic will be held immediately following the service in Touro Park, weather permitting, or in the Parish Hall should the weather be inclement.  Help make it a sumptuous feast by bringing your best dish to share.  Don’t forget to bring a chair or blanket! 

 Sunday, September 16: Rev. Bill Zelazny, Irene Glasser, Channing Memorial Members and Guest Musicians

The Ancient Jewish Tradition of Introspection

In the Jewish religious tradition, the ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur – the Day of Awe — is the time for personal introspection.   This Sunday, we will look at the Days of Awe, through personal stories, songs, traditional Hebrew music, prayers, and reflections.

Channing Community Fair: The Channing Church community fair, sponsored by the Program Council, will follow the 9/16 service. Stop by the committee tables to find out what the committees do and how you might incorporate your interests in with church activities and functions.

Sunday, September 23: Rev. Bill Zelazny

It’s Not What Vision Is, but What Vision Does

Sometimes people focus on the wrong thing, like having a vision for a better life or a better world, and not on what is important, having their vision be a reality.  Bill will reflect on how pursuing a vision is a way to live in harmony with one’s deeper intention.

Sunday, September 30: Rev. Jeanette Bessinger

Letting Go:  The deepest act of faith

In our very human attempts to improve or “fix” our external and internal environments, we often overlook the simplest and most powerful tool for life balance: letting go. Join us as we address the elegant art of letting go as receiving, as forgiveness, as surrender and as the shortest path to peace.