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2021 Services

UU Beloved Community, Building in Response to a Zero-Sum Nation – Rev. Jeannette Bessinger

I Have Always Wanted to Know…., Rev. William Zelazny

Play and Transcendence, Rev. William Zelazny

2020 Sermons & Services

Earth Day: Eco-Spirituality – Knowing We are of the Earth, Channing Web Service: Rev. William Zelazny – 4-26-20

Reflections for Humanity in this Time, Channing Web Service: Rev. William Zelazny – 4-19-20

Easter and Transformation, Channing Web Service, Rev. William Zelazny – 4-12-20

Jesus in the UU Tradition, Channing Web Service, Rev. William Zelazny- 4-5-20

Laughing, a Remarkably Useful Act – Channing Web Service, Rev. William Zelazny – 3-28-20

Finding Solace in Difficult Times – Channing Web Service, Rev. William Zelazny – 3-22-20

Ways to Mitigate the Anxiety, Channing Web Service, Rev. William Zelazny – 3-15-20

Modern Grace, John Prevedini – 3-8-20

Revisiting Feminist Theology, Rev. William Zelazny – 3-1-20

The Great Treasure of Unitarian Universalism & Channing Church, Rev. Bill Zelazny – 2-23-20

Resilience is a Call of the Spirit, Rev. William Zelazny – 2-9-20

Taking a Stand Does Not Mean Standing Still, Rodney Davis – 1-26-20

Talking Race: An Anxiety Producing Activity, Rev. William Zelazny – 1-19-20

Joy Through Generosity; Path to Enlightened Stewardship, Virginia Spaulding – 1-12-20

A Question Basket, Rev. William Zelazny – 1-5-20

2019 Sermons

A Church for Your Spiritual Journey, Rev. William Zelazny – 3-17-19

“To Build or Not to Build,” Professor Robert Thorson on the poetry of walls – 3-10-2019

Rev. Bill Zelazny puts the spotlight on three powerful women of the 19th century transcendentalist movement – 3-3-19

“What is Your Guiding Light?” Rev. Ann Fox – 2-24-2019

My Story, Your Story, Our History, Rodney Davis – 2-17-2019

“Are you there for me?” Rev. William Zelazny on trust in relationships – 2-10-19

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Real Message, Rev. William Zelazny – 2-3-2019

Closer to the Source of Healing – Rev. Jeannette Bessinger, 1-13-19

Repackaging Life: Maybe or Maybe Not – Rev. William Zelazny, 1-6-18

2018 Sermons

Turning Pages – Rev. Andrea Greenwood, 12-30-18

The Mystical is the Core of Living – Rev. William Zelazny, 12-23-18

Incarnation is Real: See the Divine in All Things – Rev. William Zelazny, 12-16-18

A UU Looks at Hanukkah – Rev. William Zelazny on Significance & Symbolism 12-9-18

Meaning in the Arts – Composer John Prevedini, 11-25-18

The Intersection of Faith and Land – Rev. William Zelazny on Sustainability 11-18-18

Reflecting on What’s Right with the World – Rev. William Zelazny, 5-6-2018

Let’s Stop Trashing Our Oceans! Susan Adie on Earth Day, 4-22-18