At Channing Memorial Church, the congregation’s focus, purpose and activities have their foundation in the core principles of Unitarian Universalism. Our ministries, both internally and externally, have the goal of helping us live our principles in our daily lives, support one another and work to make our community and the world a better place. We are a Welcoming Congregation, open and accepting of individuals, no matter who they are, whom they love or where they are in their spiritual journey.

Our worship and music program is rooted in Judeo-Christian heritages and yet is non-creedal and diverse, often incorporating texts and music from other religious and secular sources. Our children, youth and family ministries endeavor to give our children and youth a solid understanding of religion and faith, and an openness to different people, cultures, religions and points of views. We support parents in the challenging task of raising their children in a complex world.

Our Small Group Ministry provides opportunities for members of the Channing community to make new friends and find companionship in more intimate conversational and learning sessions. Our Caregiving Congregation nurtures us in multiple ways, by caring for Channing members in times of sorrow and joy.

An integral element of Channing as a Welcoming Congregation is Interweave, an active group for  LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) individuals and allies that works within the congregation on education, support and advocacy.

Our Social Action Committee works to enact the social justice and human rights aspirations of our congregation and the Unitarian Universalist Association’s principles through service, advocacy, education and political action, both locally and in the larger community. The Margit Baum Fund provides a resource for Channing to assist marginalized and economically disadvantaged individuals in Newport.

Our Learning Center provides for adult enrichment and education for Channing members and the larger community through lectures, discussions and field trips—part of our ongoing effort to seek the truth and grow in knowledge.

That’s not all that happens at Channing. There are spiritual exploration groups, fellowship and music events, social groups and community service programs and more. A reading of our monthly Catalyst newsletter furnishes a wealth of information about our activities.