Eleven Reasons Members and Friends Say They Come to Channing Memorial Church

  • To fulfill a need for spiritual exploration and religious yearning;
  • To be in a community of individuals who are also seeking meaning and truth in life;
  • To be in an environment that is supportive of spiritual seeking, not based on belief in specific creeds or adherence to dogmas;
  • To be able to share ideas with individuals who hold religious and philosophical views different from one’s own.
  • To provide religious education and the foundation for ethical decision-making for their children;
  • To engage in learning opportunities that are not generally available in other institutions;
  • To have a time and place to step out of the hurry of every-day living for quiet reflection;
  • To engage in personal spiritual practices;
  • To participate in a congregation that allows families whose members may come from different religious backgrounds to worship together;
  • To be involved with other people to do justice work.
  • To find fellowship and social connections.