Special Needs

If you are in need of handicapped parking, you are welcome to park in the semi-circular driveway in front of Channing House, which is next to the Sanctuary on the uphill side.  The Elks also allow us to use some of their parking spaces for people requiring handicapped parking. If you are dropping off someone, you can pull into the driveway next to the Sanctuary and to the ramp on the side of the building.

Please be sure to let our Greeter know if you are in need of any special accommodations. We offer amplification headsets for the hearing impaired and large print orders of service for the visually impaired.

Where Do I Go?

You may enter the church through the front door or use our handicapped ramp on the side of the building. Please be sure to introduce yourself to our Greeter inside the front door and let him/her know that it is your first visit so they can assist you and answer any questions you may have. Our ushers will provide you with an Order of Service.

Since our church was built in 1880, there are no bathroom facilities in the Sanctuary. You can find those in our Parish Hall, which is directly behind the church. Our Parish Hall is also where the nursery is and our Religious Education classes are held. Before the service begins you can usually find a pot of coffee on as well.  Please feel free to help yourself.