Our Mission

The mission of the Channing Caregiving program is to provide physical assistance, socialization, emotional and spiritual support, and material aid to congregants and friends. Devoted volunteers harness the energy, talents and compassion of our membership to extend ourselves to one another

Those who are are temporarily or chronically compromised in their ability to enjoy church services and other life-enriching activities are one focus. These persons may be isolated or in need of special attention due to illness, loss, life situation, or other limitation. We support individuals and families compassionately through times of challenge and celebration. We also celebrate occasions of joy such as births, blessings, marriage, recovery, and other happy circumstances. Channing Caregiving Congregation has made a covenant of shared ministry to promote a beloved community of engagement, kindness, and compassion. Come join us!

The Practice of Compassion

We are a congregation that relishes the opportunity to be helpful and caring. We intentionally respond with simple and effective actions. For example, we write notes; make phone calls; prepare and/or deliver food offerings; provide rides; run errands; visit the homebound; deliver flowers and plants; extend monies for empty cupboard syndrome. These actions are coordinated monthly and performed by volunteers. We meet confidential requests and needs with complete discretion. As a person needs, we respond. We welcome people’s sharing in this rewarding program.


Call Channing Memorial Church at 401-846-0643 or email us at We await requests for support and offers to participate as a volunteer. We are a warm and welcoming congregation!