Worship Services 

Sunday, November 4: Rev. Bill Zelazny

You Belong Here: Building a Beloved Community    

Not feeling apart of a group costs us something, whether as an individual or a cultural group. It takes a toll on our mental and emotional well-being. We all hope to someday find a home in a beloved community.  A Beloved Community is a place where everyone is welcome (though not every behavior is welcome) and a place that can be a prophetic witness against larger systemic injustices. Bill will discuss the concept of building a beloved community as part of the notion of creating sanctuary

Sunday, November 11: Professor Robert M. Thorson

Down Time –A Spiritual Practice

For equipment, “down time” is a period of inactivity, perhaps for maintenance and repair.  For society, it’s time set aside for relaxation and unwinding, perhaps a vacation without the travel.  For me, “down time” is the spiritual practice of getting down to the basics of all things, the stripping away of superficial complexity to reveal the bedrock simplicity beneath our lives.  Caring for my new grandson has given me new insights about this lifelong practice.

Sunday, November 18: Rev. Bill Zelazny

The Intersection of Faith and Land

In a few days we will be celebrating the bounties of the land. We should us this time to remember that he land and the food stuff it produces connects all of human kind. But as we celebrate on the one hand the gifts of the land that sustain us, on the other we abuse the land in many ways. However, faith can inform decisions about caring for the land and managing and consuming our food. This Sunday before Thanksgiving Bill will discuss how land and faith converge

This Sunday we will conduct our traditional bread sharing ceremony.   Members and friends of Channing are invited to bring some kind of bread that represents their ethnic heritage or in some way represents them or their family.  [We hope that some gluten free bread will also be brought so that everyone may share in the Bread Communion.]  We will cut the bread into pieces and distribute it so that we may share the ancient custom of breaking bread together to give thanks for this faith community.

The children and youth children will go directly to the Parish Hall at 10:00 for their community meal baking activity but will join us later in the service for the bread ceremony.  

Transgender Day of Remembrance Service  

Following the regular Sunday worship service on November 18, Channing Interweave will host a Transgender Day of Remembrance service in the Sanctuary.   to memorialize transgender people around the world who were killed this year.  A moving service of music and readings along with the reading of the names of the victims.  Free and open to the public. 

Sunday, November 25: John Prevedini

Meaning in the Arts

How does a piece of art convey meaning? What factors come together to create this meaning? And how do we, as observers, contribute to the meaning of the art we experience? Composer, educator, and public speaker John Dante Prevedini will explore these issues in a discussion that relates to the fields of music, painting, cuisine, and the broader arts in general.