Worship Services 

Sunday, June 2: It Takes a Village. . .

JoAnne Ritchie and Rev. Bill Zelazny

It takes a village. . . to raise a child because a village is comprised of a diverse array of people of all ages and experiences, each of whom has something to teach a child.  JoAnne, our Family Life Coordinator, will talk about how it “takes a village” to implant a spiritual dimension in our children

It takes a village. . . to run a church. There is much to be done for a church to operate and fulfill is mission.   Bill will discuss how it is necessary for people to take on responsibility for church functioning if a congregation is to be successful and grow.

This Sunday JoAnne will recognize the people who make our religious education program function and Bill will recognize the many people who give their time and talent to help the church’s ministries and programs.

Sunday, June 9: Answering the Call

Mary Benson, Beth Milham, and Sherrill Warch

Most of us who consider ourselves UUs do so because we believe in our seven principles.  While our principles make us sound like high-minded people, actual practice requires great courage, especially when applying our principles to those who need our help the most.  Let’s hear from some of our peers around this mindset as it manifests in the support and advocacy of LGBTQ people.

Sunday, June 16: In Praise of Tender Masculinity

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Our culture has developed two notions about men – the Macho Man (buff, distant) and Nice Guy (nerdy, brooding). Both are problematic.  On this Father’s Day, Bill will look at a third concept — Tender Masculinity. Tender Masculinity is a multi-layered understanding of maleness that comes from all backgrounds.  Celebrating tender men gives the next generation the male role models they deserve.

Sunday, June 23: Happy 206th Birthday to Charles Timothy Brooks 

Presenter: Jim Egan

Sunday, June 23, we’ll celebrate the 206th birthday of Charles Timothy Brooks (1813-1883) first pastor of the Unitarian Church in Newport and the driving force behind the construction of the Channing Memorial Church in 1880.

Jim Egan is the curator of the Newport Tower Museum, right across Toro Park from the church. He has written 20 books on Newport and Rhode Island history, and has delivered a Learning Center lecture on the “Roots of the Channing Memorial Church.” 

Sunday, June 30: Coping with Climate Change

Presenter: Mary Alice Smith

Description: We know that climate change is bringing drastic changes to the natural world and life as we know it. Catastrophic impacts on a million species is predicted by a UN study. How do we process this in our daily lives? What can we do? One person’s journey in caring about the environment we live in.