Worship Services 

Sunday, November 3: Rev. Bill Zelazny

To Remember….and Living Forward

Ancient wisdom tells us that at this time of year the veil between realm of the living and “the other side” is thin.  Our culture has its playful connection with the death with Halloween ghosts and skeletons, as well as, somber observances with events like All Souls and All Saints Days.  Both approaches are useful mental and emotional outlets.  This Sunday Bill will talk about remembering well those who have passed from this life.  This is not to be a sorrowful service, but one of joyfully remembering our loved ones

Everyone is invited to bring a small picture of a person or two who they would like to remember to be placed on our Table of Remembrances.

Sunday, November 10: Special Caregiving Service!

Waking the Spirit with Music

Research reveals how music affects our hearts, minds and physical wellbeing. Enjoy learning about and experiencing this truth with Barbara Russell-Willett, Nickie Kates, Linda Beall and the Choir!

We will have two collections of monies this Sunday, one general and another for the work of Caregiving.

Sunday, November 17: Rev. Bill Zelazny

Living on the Side of Love is Hard

Aleksander Solzhenitzyn, the Russian intellectual and writer wrote “The line separating good and evil passes through the human heart.” It is true that every human being has the capacity for good and evil, love and hatred, peace and fear. Which side of that line we decided to be on determines how we respond to the world. We Unitarian Universalists try our best to witness on the Side of Love*, but some people find it very difficult to accept, much less love, people who are different from them with gender identity, race, color, sexual orientation, sex.  This Sunday Bill will explore the challenge of fully recognizing the “other”, and the possible social consequences of not being able to accept the worth and dignity of all people.

*Side of Love is a UUA advocacy campaign to promote respect for every person and give witness against injustice and violence.

Special Service!

Transgender Day of Remembrance Service

Sunday, November 17, 11:30am, in the Sanctuary

Join us for music and the reading of names of the 2019 transgender murder victims from around the world.  A steeple bell will toll for each name.  All are welcome.

Sunday, November 24: Rev. William Zelazny

The Transformative Power of Gratitude

The fourth Sunday of the month is “Share the Plate Sunday”. All of the cash offerings and checks marked “STP” will be used to purchase bus tickets for local agencies serving the homeless.

Research has shown that cultivating personal attributes of gratitude, optimism, forgiveness, happiness, and compassion fortifies us to face adversity and emotional turmoil and leads to greater happiness and resilience. Of all the attributes one can develop, gratitude is most strongly associated with positive mental health.  Today, a few days before Thanksgiving, Bill will look at how and why showing gratitude is so powerful.

We will conduct our annual Bread Ceremony during the service where we share bread together as a symbol of community and friendship.  Members and friends are invited to bring a bread that represents their ethnic heritage, a family tradition or just because they like it. The breads will be cut and distributed in a “communion” ceremony during the service.