Web Channing Sundays

For the next several weeks we can anticipate the church being closed for regular Sunday service.   However, for the duration. Rev. Bill Zelazny will continue to provide an abbreviated service with a homily posted  Sunday mornings on You Tube, please go to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrknsQTFdftCMsmBZfAqFew 


April 5: Looking at Jesus in the UU Tradition

This week begins Holy Week in the Christian calendar with its focus on the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, the last meal he and the disciples shared and his crucifixion.  We UUs don’t talk about Jesus much, but Jesus is an important part of our U and U church history and his teachings are valuable to many UUs today.   Bill’s homily will look at how Jesus fits into our heritage and in current times.


April 12: Easter and Transformation

You do not have to believe in the resurrection of the dead to appreciate the power of transformation that Easter symbolizes.   Today, Bill will help us look at the message of transformation that is represented by the Easter story.


April 19: What are You Thinking?

Bill would like to provide a venue for members of Channing Church to share with each other our thoughts about the coronavirus. He invites you to send him, by Monday, April 13, your thoughts, reflections, poems about what you or society are experiencing in this time of living with coronavirus.  Keep it relatively short.  He will assembly your reflections and incorporate them into his homily this Sunday


April 26: The Road Not Taken

Everyone has regrets, but we almost always think of our regrets as the mistakes that we think we’ve made. But, in truth, as the old adage says: it’s not the things you do in life that you regret, it’s the things you don’t do.  Today Bill will reflect on the life issue of the road not taken and the question “are you going to change anything today or tomorrow?” when you think about life’s regrets.