March 2021

March 2021

Sunday Worship Services

10:00am: Live Zoom Worship/ 10:30am: Live Zoom Fellowship

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The Worship Service will also be live streamed on Channing’s YouTube channel:   YOUTUBE Channing Memorial Church Newport RI and will be available for viewing afterwards. 

10:45am: Channing Chimes Play, listen from Touro Park (masked and socially distanced)

March 7: UU Five Smooth Stones Revisited

Rev. Bill Zelazny

As David went to fight Goliath, it is written that he picked up five smooth stones for his sling shot and put them in his pouch.  Over the centuries the stones have been given symbolic meaning to name what David carried in his heart that day – Faith, Trust, Courage, Obedience, and Praise (of God).  These values are what should guide the life and faith of a Christian or Jew.  Unitarian Universalists also have five smooth stones to guide us according to Unitarian theologian James Luther Adams – Believe that revelation is continuous; Understand that mutual and free consent is the foundation of right relations; Do work to make a just and loving community; Express our faith to and in society; Live in hope.  This Sunday Bill will take another look at these often recited UU tenets.

March  14: The Practice of Connection

Rachel Balaban and John Burnham

Channing member Rachel Balaban will describe and lead us through the different connections that can make us feel whole and bring meaning, engaging us in seated movement together. Her husband, John Burnham, will assist in leading the service as a conversation that explores Rachel’s work as a teaching artist. Not only does she lead classes for dancers with movement challenges including people with Parkinson’s disease, but Rachel also creates intergenerational community in the dance studio through her Brown University courses called “Artists and Scientists as Partners.”


March 21: Songs of Life and Living

Jon Dember

A beautifully woven written tale is an effective way to make sense of the world, and also transmit a deep, complex message. But culture journalist, Josue Brocca, in an article about popular songs, reminds us that any artistic discipline can be used for storytelling. For him one of the best is music. He notes that “for a brief moment, the music and lyrics become a part of us, and in this way, we let ourselves be flooded by powerful words and emotions” which can open new perspectives on life issues. Traditional country/folk music artist, Jon Dember, is returning to our sanctuary this Sunday with a collection of songs that will express a wide range of emotions and human conditions.  

Jon’s has worked in residential energy efficiency, building, house renovation and historic restoration. He plays multiple instruments and does contra and Cajun/zydeco dancing.  He is a member of Farm Dogs, which he formed in 2004, that has played for past services at Channing.  

March  28: Seeking to Fill that “God”-sized Hole

Rev. Bill Zelazny

We are all searching for something. What that something is may differ between people, but it typically can be described as a nagging sense that plagues our thoughts of something big that is undone, unfinished, or not possessed that will make our life perfect and fulfilled. St. Augustine described it as “…humanity’s innate desire for the infinite…”  This restlessness is a metaphor for seeking something larger than ourselves.  Some people call it the God-sized hole in our spirit. Today, Bill will explore this notion of yearning for something more — the positive and negative side of that emotional, psychological and spiritual quest. 

Special Service! March 28, 6:30pm, Via Zoom: 2021 Seder Observance

Once again, our Church members and friends will be able to participate in a Passover Seder together, albeit now via Zoom.   The Haggadah – which is the ancient retelling of the Jews’ exodus from Egypt with ritual and prayers — will be read.  We will sing the Passover songs and eat the foods from the Seder plate that we will each prepare.  

The Zoom link and list of Seder plate foods, including a recipe for Charoset (nut/apple chutney) will be sent out before the event.  Irene Glasser and other members of Channing Church will lead the Seder.