June 2021

June 2021

Sunday Worship Services

10:00am: Live Zoom Worship/ 10:30am: Live Zoom Fellowship

Chiming on Sundays 10:45am-11:15am, please enjoy from in and around Touro Park! 

(email office@channingchurch.org to be added to our mailing list and receive the Zoom link)

The Worship Service will also be live streamed on Channing’s YouTube channel:   YOUTUBE Channing Memorial Church Newport RI and will be available for viewing afterwards. 

June 6: Letting Love Guide Us: Our Connection with All Beings 

Rev. Mary Margaret Earl

We are connected to the animals, and compassion often guides our relationships.  But some systems disconnect us from the animals. Here, we consider how we can reawaken our connection and widen our circle of compassion. 

The Rev. Mary Margaret Earl is a longtime UU minister whose ministry has focused on social justice. She served for a decade in the homeless community in Providence, and currently serves UU Urban Ministry, a Boston faith-based organization committed to racial justice work. She also is a longtime vegan concerned about the suffering of animals. Today, she visits in her role as a volunteer for Rhode Island Vegan Awareness.  Members of RI Vegan Awareness will be available during in the post-service Fellowship time for discussion.


June 13: Play and Transcendence

Rev. Bill Zelazny

If we allow ourselves to get deeply involved in a play experience we move into a special, even sacred, playground where only the present moment matters, one’s history, future, concerns, and problems vanish. Deep play, as this ”all in” involvement is called, is that form of play that puts us in a rapturous mood and awakens the most creative, sentient, and joyful aspects of our inner selves. In other words, the kind of mental, emotional, and physical experience that most people think is reserved for religion or spiritual enlightenment.  Maybe plan it is a kind of spiritual experience.  This Sunday, a week before summer officially begins, Bill will look at how play can be a transcendent experience.

Second Sunday Collection: All are invited to make a gift of non-perishable food, cleaning products, or toiletries (especially travel size!) which will be taken to local agencies. Items can be left in the marked container on the Front Porch of Channing House.

June 20: I Have Always Wanted to Know….

Rev. Bill Zelazny

There are four types of questions:  Yes/No questions; Wh-questions, Choice questions, Tag-questions.  All of them are asked for the purpose of acquiring knowledge.  On this Sunday let’s have some fun with a “question box” service. Ask questions about those things you’ve been curious – some aspect of Unitarian Universalism, U and U history, faith, spiritual journey, religion, or whatever (but no political questions, please).  Bill will try to answer them and if he does not have the answer, he will try to research an answer. 

To participate in this Q & A with Bill you will need to send your questions to him via the church email – office@channingchurch.org — by Thursday, June 17.

June 27: Joining Thousands of UUs in Sunday Worship

This Sunday we will join thousands of UUs from around the country at the UUA General Assembly Sunday Service.  (There is no CMC service this Sunday) As in past years, there will powerful choral music and an inspirational sermon.  There is no fee to view this General Assembly event.  Recognizing the importance of shared ministry and the many innovative approaches to worship created by congregations during the pandemic, UUA President, Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick Gray, selected the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis to serve as worship leaders for this year’s GA Sunday Morning Service.

Please join us on Sunday, June 27, 2021 at Noon Eastern for the largest annual gathering of Unitarian Universalists in worship. The service will be streamed on GA Online Events and on the UUA’s YouTube channel; members of the public are welcome.