February 2022

February 2022


In-person worship in the Church Sanctuary Sundays at 10:00am

Masks are required for all indoor services and activities.

For a full list of our guidelines please see our Covid Protections and Guidelines

The services are also presented live on the CHANNING YOU TUBE CHANNEL  and available for viewing afterwards.

Sunday, February 6: Hope and Optimism Have a Chat

Rev. Bill Zelazny

The real test of a person’s character is how you react to negatives. Some people fold or respond with denial, anger, blaming, venting, sullenness.  But others  respond with hope or optimism.  But while hope and optimism are siblings they are not identical twins.  They each have their own personality and approach to dealing with problems or bad happenings.  Today, Bill will help these siblings talk to each other and us about how they are different though many people confuse the two. 

Sunday, February 13: Therefore We Do Not Give Up

Mr. Rodney Davis                

Just watching the news on any given day could make a person want to isolate from society. The Covid pandemic, racial injustice, food disparity, political divisions, with hatred and prejudice seeping into every corner of our world. The list could go on and on yet under these harsh conditions, life continues. Long-time community leader and activist, Rodney Davis, will address this issue with his sermon. Using stories, historical connections and personal experiences, he will show how we can make a difference despite these challenges.

Many from our Channing community might recognize our returning guest preacher, Rodney Davis. He was born and raised in Newport and a proud graduate of Rogers High School. For a number of years, he served in the ministry with Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Newport Congregation before being disfellowshipped in 1992. He is active in a wide variety of community projects such as working as president of Rhode Island Pride, serving on the African American Ambassadors Group for the City of Providence in the Truth-telling and Reconciliation committee.  Last year, Rodney was the lead co-coordinator for the All Black Lives Mural Project where he and local artists and community members painted a 300 foot mural in Kennedy Plaza. In the fall of 2019, he was selected as a Diversity Leadership Scholar with College Unbound pursuing a degree in Organizational Leadership and Change.  He completed his studies in December 2021. He lives in Coventry, RI with his partner Brian Mills with whom he has have been together this August for 25 years.

Sunday, February 20: Stories of Care, Kindness and Compassion

The Caregiving Team

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, this service, provided by the Caregiving Team will share inspiring stories of love, caring and compassion that demonstrate peoples acts of kindness towards one another.    The caregiving coordinators are dedicating this service to Channing members who provide care to the congregation as coordinators, volunteers and on their own initiative.

Sunday, February 27: Looking at Black History Around Aquidneck Island

Mr. Charles Roberts

To wrap up our observance of Black History month at Channing Church, Charles Roberts, president of the Rhode Island Slave History Medallion project, will talk about some of the significant sites on Aquidneck Island that the Medallion project has identified. 

Mr. Robert’s talk follows the presentation on Saturday, February 26, at Channing Church by Dr. Akeia de Barros Gomes about Duchess Quamino and William Ellery Channing at 2:00 in the Sanctuary.