Sunday worship at 10:00am in the Sanctuary followed by Fellowship Coffee Hour in the Parish Hall

Services are also live streamed on the CHANNING YOU TUBE CHANNEL and available for viewing afterwards.

Sunday, June 4: Gay Pride, Intersectionality, Liberation

Rev. Bill Zelazny

This month is known as Pride Month. It is important to people who live within the rainbow.  But, while Pride has come to be a celebration of LGBTQ+ people, the work is far from done. Bill is going to discuss the issue of LBGTQ rights, the intersection of different civil right issues (intersectionality) and liberation of all people and the challenges now faced by minorities groups with the growing reactionary political and religious climate.

Quorus, the newly formed LBGTQ+ chorus on Aquidneck Island will provide the our music for this Pride Month service.  

Sunday, June 11: They’re Taking Away Our Seven Principles, or Are They?

Rev. Bill Zelazny

The UUA is in the midst of a multi-year study to consider revising Article II of the UUA Bylaws – the article that defines the Association’s Purpose and lists the seven principles that have been the   short-hand way to describe what we believe.  Our bylaws require Article II to be reviewed every 15 years.  A proposed replacement for the current Article II has been presented after to be considered for the first of two readings and votes at the 2023 General Assembly.  Bill will explain the process and how the proposed Article II is the same as, and different from, the current one.

If you would like to read the proposed Article II and related information, go to:

Sunday, June 18: On Celebrating our Blessings

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Rev. Dr. Rebekah Savage wrote a short poem entitled “Blessings are real, and ours to claim” — Blessings are real, and ours to claim and radiate/ Blessings are abundant, and ours to revel in and pass along.  Bill thinks this is a wonderful perspective to have.  On this last Sunday of the formal church year, and Father’s Day, Bill will lead us in a reflection on the wonder and power of life’s blessings, including fathers.

Summer Worship Service Break:

June 25 – July 30

Summer recess – no Sunday services. Services will resume Sunday, August 6th with four interesting and unique services, both outdoors and indoors. Watch for information in the Summer July/August Catalyst!