Sunday worship at 10:00am in the Sanctuary followed by Fellowship Coffee Hour in the Parish Hall

Services are also live streamed on the CHANNING YOU TUBE CHANNEL and available for viewing afterwards.

Sunday, February 5: Trust-A Building Block of Life

Rev. Bill Zelazny

The Rev. Justin Schroeder once said, “We know that DNA is the building block for all life. But more than just DNA is needed to build and sustain a fruitful, healthy, and vibrant human life.  Trust — trust in ourselves, in other people, in institutions — is a foundation all building upon which we can build a life strong enough to carry us through heartbreak and setback.” This Sunday, Bill will explore the several aspects of trust and how each is part of the foundation of a good life.

Sunday, February 12: Being Loving Can Be Hard

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Pulitzer Prize winner poet, Franz Wright, wrote in his collection of poems Walking to Martha’s Vineyard, “How is it that I didn’t spend my whole life being happy, loving other human beings’ faces.”  His question reminds us of the human tendency to fall short of our highest aspirations, especially when it comes to love. Being loving can be hard, and we often fail to do it well.   On this Sunday before Valentine’s Day, we’ll take a stroll through the various scenes of love in our lives.

Fika Fellowship after church Feb. 12th! The Social Action Team would like to invite you for a Fika on Sunday, February 12th after church in the Parish Hall. What is a Fika? In the Swedish tradition, a Fika is a moment to take a break for a cup of coffee with a delicious baked good to go with it. More than just a coffee break, a Fika is a magical time to slow down and spend time together. We will be providing traditional Swedish baked goods and collecting donations for the UUA disaster relief fund, our February Share the Plate recipient.

Sunday, February 19: A Magnifying Glass on a Dangerous Idea-Christian Nationalism

Rev. Bill Zelazny

We have just finished a round of elections where the idea of Christian Nationalism was part of the political discussion.  Christian nationalism is the notion that America is a nation by and for Christians alone. It is a contributing ideology in the religious right’s misuse of religious liberty as a rationale for circumventing laws and regulations. It leads to discrimination, or calls to discriminate, and at times use violence, against religious minorities and the nonreligious.  It is a dangerous, non-democratic, political and social phenomenon.  This Sunday, Bill will talk about this concept and its implications for everyone, especially people who identify themselves as theologically liberal.

Sunday, February 26: Talking with Each Other

Members of CMC

The Worship Committee is working to create a service that we will do something that Channing people really like – provide an opportunity to talk with each other.  This Sunday we will hear about life events from congregation members that were significant to them or taught them a lesson or gave them new insight.  Come to the service to learn more about your friends and congregation neighbors.

AN INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE! Do you have an insight about life? A profound experience that got you thinking in a new way? A humorous episode that came just at the right time?  A very meaningful event in your life that you fondly, or not so fondly, recall today years later? Don’t be afraid to share your story with the congregation.    Contact Rev. Bill ( or Judie Porter for more information and volunteer to be a speaker