Sunday Worship in the Church Sanctuary at 10:00am

Masks are recommended for Channing services and activities.

The services are also presented live on the CHANNING YOU TUBE CHANNEL  and available for viewing afterwards.

 Sunday, June 5: The Good Enough Samaritan

Rev. Dan Hotchkiss

Most of us try to be good people. We engage in acts of kindness and we do our best to be constructive citizens. But the more fully we face up to the scope of our world’s challenges, the more exhausting being good can be. How can we live well enough? 

The Rev. Dan Hotchkiss is a UU minister and author of Governance and Ministry: Rethinking Board Leadership and a consultant.  He served as interim minister at Channing in 1999–2000.  Over the last 20 years, Dan has consulted with Christian, Jewish, and Islamic leaders in more than 33 faith traditions. Before coming to Channing, Dan managed ministerial placement for the UUA and served parishes in New Haven and Boca Raton. Dan has two adult sons and is active in the Middleboro UU church, where his wife Susan serves as music director. 

Classical guitarist Victor Main will  be performing before and during the service. The special music starts at 9:30am. 

Sunday, June 12: What’s at the Core — The Challenge of Unitarian Universalist Theology

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Launching from an essay by the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, author and past-President at Starr King School for the Ministry, Bill will look at the question is there or not a center of Unitarian Universalism theology If not, then what is there? What might be the value or hinderance of theological pluralism within our faith

This week is our 2nd Sunday Nonperishable Foods Collection to be brought to local food pantries.

Sunday, June 19: Do You Have a Question for Me?

Rev. Bill Zelazny

This Sunday will be a service of spontaneity, creativity and collaboration.  It’s our annual “question box” sermon when we will have a Q & A conversation focusing on questions that come from congregation about some aspect of Unitarian Universalism, U and U history, faith, spiritual journey, religion, or whatever , but no political questions, please.  Bill will try to answer them and if he does not have the answer, he’ll make one up. Actually, he will do some research to get an answer.  As is often said, the is no such thing as a stupid question. If we do not know something, then a question is in order.  Come to see what develops this Sunday.

Summer Worship Service Break:  June 26 – July 31

Summer recess – no Sunday services. Services will resume Sunday, August 7th with four interesting and unique services, both outdoors and indoors.

Watch for information in the Summer July/August Catalyst!