Worship Services 

Sunday, December 2: Rev. Ellen Quadgrass


We are surrounded by messages telling us what success looks like and how to achieve it – perfection is an ideal toward which we are to strive. Yet all of us are also imperfect, vulnerable, and human. How do we cultivate an appreciation for our unique and irreplaceable selves in this often unforgiving world?

Rev Ellen Quaadgras is a minister, writer and musician who cares deeply about issues of social justice. A graduate of Andover Newton Theological School, she has served Westminster Unitarian Church since 2012 and is looking forward to connecting with all of you this Sunday.    

 Sunday, December 9: Rev. William Zelazny

A UU Looks at Hanukkah

Depending on who you ask, Hanukkah is either not a significant festival or it is of major symbolic importance in the Jewish faith  This Sunday, Bill, who is not Jewish, will take a look at this festival from a UU perspective.

This Sunday we will also conduct a new member signing ceremony during the service (see Joining Channing Church article on page 8 of the December Catalyst ) 

Sunday, December 16: Rev. William Zelazny

Incarnation is Real:  Seeing the Divine in All Things

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  The word became flesh, and dwelt among us,” (John, Ch 1) That is what incarnation means. According to Christian teaching the incarnation is the mystery of the nativity of Jesus and it was a one-time thing.   But Unitarian Universalists have a different perspective.  As UU minister Galen Guengerich says, “each of us are the face of God in this world, and God’s voice and hands.”  In this, the first of two sermons reflecting on theological aspects of Christmas, Bill will explore the notion that mystery and wonder are incarnate in all, including each of us.

Sunday, December 23: Rev. William Zelazny

The Mystical is the Core of Living                                      

Mystical moments, although we cannot will them to happen, are available to us all.  And it is through mystical moments that we glimpse the awe of creation.   In this second of two sermons reflecting on theological aspects of Christmas, Bill will consider the intersection of mystery and wonder in our lives.

During the service we will conduct a Child Dedication ceremony.  (see the article “Child Dedication Ceremony” on page 5 of the December Catalyst)

A Christmas Eve Celebration!

Monday, Dec. 24, 5:00pm

Rev. William Zelazny, the Channing Choir and Guests

A celebration of Christmas-time with music, choral anthems, carols and readings with the Channing Choir, guest musicians, members of Channing Church and Rev. Zelazny concluding with the lighting of candles and singing Silent Night in the darkened sanctuary.  Come and bring family or friends for the traditional Christmas Eve service.

Sunday, Dec. 30: Andrea Greenwood

Turning Pages 

Every year for Christmas, my husband and I give each other a new datebook.  It is always a welcome – sometimes desperately so – gift, as all the appointments and events that are scribbled in margins or stuffed on scraps into the back of the book for the year just ending can be put in their proper places, and we can begin our march through the new year.  I suppose we are showing our age, in our failure to use phones for this purpose, but I like turning the pages of an actual book. What are we leaving behind, and who are we becoming?