Summer Worship Service Break:  Summer recess – no Sunday services June 26 – July 31. 


Sunday, August 7: The Spirit is Moving

Rachel Balaban

The service will take place in Touro Park, weather permitting. Alternate location will be the Sanctuary.

Gather in Touro Park for our first summer service during which Rachel Balaban will lead us in a series of gentle movement activities to exercise the body and open the mind and heart to the spirit.

Sunday, August 14: Walking Mediation and a Bit of Poetry            

Rev. Bill Zelazny

The service will open at the Portuguese Discovery Monument. Please be at the monument by 9:55 a.m.

Walking meditation is not just moving the legs to get from one point to another. It is an intentional activity where participants observe, reflect, meditate as they move along the path.  Our path will around Brenton Point Park where we can feel the ground, see the flowers, plants and kites, hear and smell the ocean and the sea gulls. We will not talk during the mediation walk.  We will stop occasionally to hear a poem read by a participant.

Congregation members are invited to bring a favorite poem or short inspiration reading.  A recorder, flute, guitar or other similar “light” instrument is also welcome. The service will open at the Portuguese Discovery Monument. We will walk around the Park, weather permitting, stopping occasionally to listen to a poem and spend a few minutes absorbing the environment. The alternate location in the case of rain will be in the sanctuary. (a light sea mist will not cancel the outdoor walk)  Please be at the monument by 9:55.

Sunday, August 21: Stepping out of the Shadow – Talking about Spiritual Experiences

Rev. Bill Zelazny

The service will take place in the Parish Hall

It may not happen often, but when it does, we know it – the moment is different.  We use words such as “swept up,” “caught,” “opened,” “engulfed in something mystical,” “other worldly” to describe the event.  This Sunday, in a small-group type discussion format we will talk about our spiritual experience(s) or particularly moving life events that have happened to us.

Consider these questions before the service: Do you think you’ve had a spiritual experience/ very moving event and where did it happen? Have you feel the presence of the ‘Holy’ and where did it happen?  Have there been times in your life that you could call peak experiences that perhaps opened you to something greater than yourself? Why do we tend to be spiritually shy, that is what make it hard to speak about such experiences or the that ways we connect to the sacred?”

We will meet at 10:00 in the Parish Hall so that we will be able to sit in a circle to talk with each other.

 Sunday, August 28: Lessons Water can Teach Us

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Water can just rest quietly, tumble over cliffs, flow, bubble, crash over the land in a deluge, swirl in an eddy.  But it can also teach us about life.  Today, Rev. Bill will explore an ancient Buddhist teaching about what we can learn from water.  We will meet in the sanctuary.