Worship Services 

Sunday, April 7: Rev. William Zelazny

The Ultimate April Fool’s Joke: Life Will Mess Up Perfection

Many people describe themselves as perfectionists.  But life’s joke on all of us is that perfection in all things is not possible. Trying to live into perfectionism can doom us to unhappiness. Perhaps a more reasonable view of life may be what we can call “The way of wabi sabi.”  Come to the service where Bill will explore this philosophy.

Sunday, April 14: Rev. William Zelazny

The Power of Celebrating Everything

We regularly celebrate big success- the new job, the new house, the new baby.  But it is equally, maybe even more important to celebrate little successes.  that kind of celebration make us pause and be mindful and that boosts our well-being. Bill will help us reflect on the emotional and spiritual value of celebrating everything. We will lots of music provided by members of the Geezers, the group of musicians that gathers in our Parish Hall Tuesday evenings, and we will celebrate our 2019 canvass drawing to a close with an after-service reception.

Sunday, April 21: Rev. William Zelazny

Where the Passover and Easter Stories Point Us

This year the movement of the moon and the earth have determined that Passover and Easter overlap.  Though each event is a central element of their respective religious traditions Bill thinks it is important that we not get lost in concern about the literalness of their story.  Rather we should look the similar message that comes from the stories.

Our traditional children’s Easter egg hunt will follow the service.

Sunday, April 28: Rev. Lee Whitaker

Sowing Seeds of Welcome

This Sunday Lee is inviting us to look into how a healthy welcome can transform all who
enter our church.

Rev. Lee Whittaker is a former member of Channing Memorial Church.   He earned his Masters of Divinity from Starr King School for the Ministry and is an ordained minister with the Progressive Christian Alliance. While at Starr King he served on the Admissions and Scholarship Committee.  Lee served on the Leadership Council for the Progressive Christian Alliance for two years. Presently he is the co-founder of Revolution Ministries which has the mission of creating alternative worship experiences.  He lives in Oakland, CA with his partner, Janelle, and two dogs, two cats, and two and sings with the Oakland Interfaith Community Choir. Lee is one of the original organizers of CMC’s Interweave and a founder of the Born this Way Prom.