This summer Channing Memorial Church will be presenting nine diverse and interesting presentations as our Sunday service on the CHANNING YOU TUBE CHANNEL  The services will be posted at 9:00 a.m. and available for viewing afterwards each Sunday morning from July 4 to August 29.  Subscribe and click the bell icon to receive notifications when new videos are posted!

 Summer Chiming Fellowship: Our Chimers will play the bells at 10:00am on Sunday mornings. The tents are up in the playground area, please bring your own beverage and/or snack. Come enjoy the bell concert and being together after far too long!

 July 4: UU Beloved Community-Building in Response to a Zero Sum Nation    

Rev. Jeannette Bessinger

With increasingly divergent politics and ideologies, the challenges to our nation are coming to a crescendo. We are amid a crisis of separation. We’re standing at a crossroad where we must evolve more effective ways of creating heart-centered community or risk fracturing along the fault lines of a zero sum battle.

This is the first of a 2-sermon series. In this first part, Rev. Bessinger will share lessons on community-building gleaned from growing up in Channing church and her story-based work with over 5,000 Newport County youth in high-risk situations. Part 2nd will be in Fall 2021 in which we’ll consider the ways Unitarian Universalism is uniquely positioned to answer that call as a Beloved Community.

As an interfaith minister and Board Certified Health Coach, Rev. Jeannette Bessinger brings a holistic perspective to her work. Her healthy lifestyle perspectives have been showcased in hundreds of speaking venues and media outlets, including Consumer Reports, the Washington Post, NPR and NBC News.

July 11: A Reporter’s Personal View of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Tim Phelps 

Tim Phelps has spent several years during his reporting career covering the Middle East.  From this up-close, personal perspective he will talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While he recognizes that any criticism of the Israeli occupation brings about outrage, there are important stores to tell such Israeli brutality and how liberal Israelis suffered ostracism from Israeli society for refusing to fight or for speaking out.

Tim has a long career in journalism during which he spent several years in Egypt and Israel reporting on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

July 18: Writing Your Spiritual Biography

Rev. Dr. Judy Campbell   

A spiritual biography traces your spiritual and religious life – where you started, what you have gone through that may have changed your life or understanding of spirituality and where you are now.  Judy will talk about the process of writing about one’s spiritual journey.

Rev. Campbell is a community minister, author and artist.  She is the author of the Olympia Brown Mysteries, the Viridienne Green Mysteries, several poetry and children’s books.

July 25: Post Traumatic Spiritual Gifts

Rev. Phil Schulman 

In November 2017 Rev. Schulman was struck by a truck while riding his bicycle. He began a long path to recovery. Along the way he found that he had been given priceless gifts which he calls “Post Traumatic Spiritual Gifts” that helped him face everything and recover. Phil will share his story and philosophy of spiritual gifts in the time of crisis.

Rev. Schulman has served congregations in the US Virgin Islands, Florida and, California, Texas, Louisiana and currently provides supply preaching in Texas. He has been deeply involved in eco-peace and justice activism, and working for human rights in field of mental health including developing a peer counseling program to a hospital addiction unit in Shreveport, LA. and directed the creation of a program to reduce the amount of force and violence in a upstate NY county’s mental health crisis response.

August 1: Ourselves and Our History

Notes about special elements of our various restoration projects

Chris Laudon  

Using iMovie and pictures of Channing’s various restoration projects Chris will have us take a peek at parts of our campus usually not seen, or which we may not were remembered. These images and her narrative will show us the connection that come from seeing things easily viewed and those unseen, from what is known or not known, from the remembered to that lost to memory. 


August 8:Laugh for Life

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Launching for a Zen story of three laughing monks, Bill will invite us to think about the importance of being able to laugh, even in troubling or personally challenging times.  This will be an outdoor service in Touro Park, please bring your own chair.  There will also be a modest picnic afterwards with hotdogs (meat and meatless) and some side dishes outside the Parish Hall. See page 7 for more information  [NOTE:  In the event of rain this service will be swapped with the August 15 service ]

August 15: Ocean Justice: Joining Social Equity and the Response to Climate Change

Lisa Colburn

The push for social equity and our response to climate change intersect in the ocean space. As sea level rises and storms intensify, it is urgent to consider who is most at risk and how our response might favor the most advantaged and place burdens on the disadvantaged people in coastal communities.  We should engage as broadly as possible in efforts of ocean conservation and fairness must be a central consideration as we seek solutions. Lisa Colburn, a member of Channing Church works as a fisheries anthropologist.  This presentation will examine the concept of climate justice in relation to coastal communities.

August 22: The Formation of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)

Tom Beall

2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the merger of the American Unitarian Universalist Association and the Universalist Church of American to form the Unitarian Universalist Association.  History buff and long-time church member, Tom Beall will take a look back at this event that resulted in the formation of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

August 29: Unitarians in India

Tom Howard 

India’s religious landscape includes a Unitarian Association – the Brahmo Samaj, founded in 1828 by Rammohun Roy, the Unitarian Christian Church of Chennai, in Madras, founded in 1795 and the Unitarian Church of the Khasi Hills, founded in 1887 by Hajom Kissor Singh.  Within a radius of 50 miles in the highlands of the Khasi hills in northeast India live 98 percent (over 9000 people) of the country’s Unitarians. Congregation member, Tom Howard, will introduce us to the Unitarian Church of the Khasi Hills with this presentation.

September 5: No worship Service Labor day Weekend