Sunday worship at 10:00am in the Sanctuary followed by Fellowship Coffee Hour in the Parish Hall

Services are also live streamed on the CHANNING YOU TUBE CHANNEL and available for viewing afterwards.

Sunday, March 5: Goals, Success and the Journey

Rev. Bill Zelazny

“Life is about the journey, not the destination.” is a quote, attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, often used for self-help, mindfulness, and as a pick-me-up, especially if you’ve not accomplished a goal. The funny thing, though, is that we won’t truly understand the value of the journey until we’ve taken the journey, since usually your eye and mind are focused on a goal rather than the journey to get there.  Today, Bill will talk about the ideas of goal, success and journey and what these mean for fully living life.

Sunday, March 12: Security and Serenity

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Security is the feeling of being safe and in control. Serenity is to be calm, unruffled, unconflicted and peaceful.  They are not the same, though they may each enhance the quality of the other. Based on material presented by the Rev. Christine Robinson and Alicia Hawkins from the First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque in their book “Listening Hearts” and others, Bill will explore these concepts and what they might mean for our spiritual well-being.

The 2nd Sunday of the month is our nonperishable foods collection for local food banks.

Sunday, March 19: “What Not to Cook” Women’s Work Theater Collaborative

Rev. Bill Zelazny

It’s 1963.  It’s before Betty Friedan wrote the Feminine Mystique.  It’s after the end of WW2 – when women were forced out of their jobs and back into full time domestic duties.  It’s a dilemma for a lot of women.  They want more.  They don’t want to cook every day.  They don’t want to handle all the domestic responsibilities by themselves.  They don’t like the assumption that they should like it.  That they “should” be happy.  That they “have it all.”  We say “Hold on one minute there folks…we just may think AND DO otherwise.”

WomensWork is a Providence area creative collaborative working to promote theatrical opportunities for women of all ages, with a focus on women over 40.  Channing congregation member, Gayle Hanrahan, a member of the collaborative, has secured this production for our service Women’s History month service.

Special music at Channing on March 19th!

On Sunday, March 19, classical guitarist Victor Main returns to Channing and will be performing before and during the service.  Victor was a big hit at Channing last year and it is exciting to have him returning.  

Victor is an award-winning classical guitarist, composer, and educator.  He is president of The Rhode Island Guitar Guild which presents concerts and masterclasses of international soloists and ensembles in addition to leading educational outreach programs for aspiring musicians.

Victor began his guitar studies in high school at the age of 16 and quickly decided to pursue his passion for music at the conservatory level.  He received his Bachelor of Music degree in Guitar Performance from the Mannes College of Music and his Master of Music degree from University of Rhode Island.

The special music starts at 9:30am.  Be sure to attend!

 Sunday, March 26: A Celebration of Dedication and Wonderful Music

Rev. Bill Zelazny, Choir and Congregation Members

This Sunday will be our Music Director’s last regular Sunday with us.  Today, will celebrate Janet Grant’s remarkable 31 years tenure with Channing Memorial Church in word, song and music

Everyone is invited to attend a potluck reception in honor of Janet in the Parish Hall immediately after the service