Sunday Services

10:00am: Live Zoom Worship/ 10:30am: Live Zoom Fellowship

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10:45am: Chiming & In Person Fellowship at Channing


October 4: The Temptation to be Good

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Rev. Bill with consider how we often approach a decision to do something good or heroic and then at the last minute turn away, afraid of what?

This Sunday is known as Francis of Assisi Day in some religious traditions.  It is a day where churches, even UU churches, do a “blessing” of the animals to recognize the importance pets and animals have in human lives.   We’ll do our version of a “blessing” of our pets, virtually.  During the service you will be invited to show the congregation on camera your pet(s) or picture of your pet(s)

October 11: Spaciousness & Compassion vs. the Spiritual Bypass

Rev. Jeannette Bessinger

The eminent psychotherapist John Welwood coined the phrase “spiritual bypassing” to describe a common behavior he witnessed in Buddhist communities, a kind of “premature transcendence: trying to rise above the raw and messy side of our humanness before we have fully faced and made peace with it.” Spiritual bypassing is a byproduct of trying to separate the spiritual from the human experience. Elevating the “spiritual” above the “human” can hinder our path toward both personal awakening and unity with others.

We’ll unpack the term and explore some ways that compassionate presence in the face of uncomfortable feelings and situations can help us avoid spiritual bypassing in ourselves and in community.

 We have restarted our 2nd Sunday food collection even though our services are virtual.  How?  Bring a non-perishable food donation to the face-to-face fellowship time, or make arrangements to drop off your donation to the church office before noon on Friday, Oct. 9th. 

October 18: That  Ol’ Time Spiritualism

Rev. Bill Zelazny

As a Halloween “treat”,  Rev. Bill will explore Spiritualism and how it became a part of  the beliefs system for a significant number of late 19th century and early 20th century Universalists , along with over 8 million other people in the US. This is a UU history sermon with a creepy twist.

October 25: What about Visions as Part of a Spiritual Journey

Rev. James I. Ford

Rev. Ford, who presented two sermons during our summer series will return this Sunday for a talk about  experiencing visions as part of one’s spiritual and meditative journey.