Worship Services 

Sunday, September 1: Margaret Polski

Who’s Side Are You On?

Labor Day From A Unitarian Universalist Perspective

Today we face persistent and growing challenges to shared economic prosperity in Newport and across our nation. The labor force participation rate has fallen steadily since 1999. We have experienced long-term real wage stagnation and a persistent lack of economic progress for many workers. The “gig economy” holds the potential to undermine the foundations of our democracy. But we have faced these challenges in the past. What can we learn from our Unitarian Universalist forebears about how to approach these challenges?

Margaret Polski is a political economist, an Associate Professor at the U.S. Naval War College, and a member of Channing Memorial Church.

Sunday, September 8: Rev. Bill Zelazny

I Know this Rose Will Open

The sermon title comes from hymn No. 396 in “Singing in Living Tradition,” by Mary Grigolia, a seminar classmate of mine. She explains the song as a way to think about responding to the Universe/Spirit/Deep and Creative Self.  On this In-gathering Sunday Bill will reflect on what can happen when we allow ourselves to weather life disruptions and live into good expectations, and how Unitarian Universalism can help people, help us, let their rose unfold.

Water Ceremony: On Sunday, Sept. 8, we will also conduct our annual Water Ceremony within the service.  Everyone is invited to bring a small container of water from their home or other favorite place to mix with the waters of other as a symbol of how we bring our secular life into this religious community.

The annual congregation potluck picnic in Touro park will follow the service 

Sunday, September 15: Rev. Bill Zelazny

What do you believe is True for You?

Beliefs come before faith. All abstract knowledge is based on belief. Faith is related to belief because it supplies the conviction that the belief is true. This Sunday, as the first in a series of sermons on theological perspectives, Bill will look at the concept of belief, doubt and its relationship to a person’s faith in a UU context.

Channing Community Fair: After the service take a walk through the Channing Community Fair to see all the programs and ministries we have and how you can be part of making us the Ultimate Home of Progressive Religion.

Sunday, September 22: Rev. John Nichols

Expecting Miracles

They say there are ” no atheists in foxholes”, but I think there are times when all of us — religious or secular — experience something that we call “almost a miracle.”  What is happening then?

We welcome back to our pulpit the Rev. John Nichols who was the interim minister at Channing Memorial from 2010-2012.  He has served as a Unitarian Universalist minister for nearly forty years in congregations in Massachusetts, Illinois, and New York and holds the title of emeritus minister from the UU Society of Wellesley Hills, MA.  John is the author of “A Wind Swept Over the Waters: Reflections on Sixty Favorite Bible Passages”.

Sunday, September 29: Rosh Hashanah

Sermon and program on the spirit of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur