In-person worship in the Church Sanctuary Sundays at 10:00am

Masks are required for all indoor services and activities.

For a full list of our guidelines for re-opening please see our Covid Protections and Guidelines

The services are also presented live on the CHANNING YOU TUBE CHANNEL  and available for viewing afterwards.

January 2 & 9: Thoughts for a New Year

As we begin another cycle around the sun, Rev. Bill is inviting us in a two-part series to let go of some bad mental stuff and let the beauty of our inner light guide us. 

Sunday, January 2: Life Does Not Have to Be a Stress Rehearsal

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Are you feeling stressed these days?  More people are suffering from stress today than ever before. The onset of Coronavirus and societies seeming need to be pre-offended or over-worrying has left people feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.  In this first of two Sunday messages, Bill will talk about how we may want to make our lives less of a stress free-for-all and more of a celebration of our inner light.

Sunday, January 9: Our Self-made Prison

Rev. Bill Zelazny

We may not be physically locked up in a prison, but often we are not free.  We let things like what other people say or old hurts chain us in.   Bill will explore how these and other things keep us in a mental prison of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.  

Sunday, January 16: What’s This About an 8th Principle?

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Conversation has been floating around UU congregations over the past couple of years about the need to add one more Principle to our seven current one – “To affirm and promote working toward spiritual wholeness by building a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions.”  While this is not on the General Assembly’s agenda this year, on this Martin Luther King Sunday, Bill will talk about this Association-wide anti-racism, anti-oppression proposal that some congregations have individually adopted. 

Sunday, January 23: TBA

The Worship Committee is investigating several options for this service.

Sunday, January 30: Deep Questions, Faith Styles and Our Search for Meaning

Rev. Jeannette Bessinger  

One important purpose of living a spiritual life is to transform. But the path of transformation along a spiritual trajectory isn’t always easy to define. One helpful way to begin to map our own paths is to ask ourselves some probing questions about the ways we seek and understand meaning in our lives. We’ll address some of these questions, and introduce some familiar and unfamiliar faith styles to help us clarify our own ways of finding meaning, and to better understand and appreciate the styles of others that might differ greatly from our own.