Sunday worship at 10:00am in the Sanctuary

Services are live streamed on the CHANNING YOU TUBE CHANNEL and available for viewing afterwards.

Sunday, October 1: Flowing with the Flow

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Most of us are taught from a young age that we need to push ourselves, work hard to make things happen. That approach is one way to live.  But there is often a negative cost to our mental and physical health living like that.  But, what if we approached life with the mindset of “going with the flow?” As a person who has lived much of his life “pushing”, Bill has been thinking about and trying to practice this way of living.  This Sunday he will explore this very different way of approaching living.

Sunday, October 8: Skeptical Science

Rev. Paul Spreacher  

What is the relation between science and religion?  Why has it become so common to find “science” as contested ground in our contemporary culture wars — over masking, vaccinations — and what should be taught to children in our public schools?

Rev. Paul Sprecher is a past minter at First Parish in Bridgewater. MA.  Since his retirement he has become a climate activist at Linden Ponds, a Senior Living Community in Hingham, MA, as well as in the town of Hingham.  Previously, he served Second Parish in Hingham.  He has served interim ministries at Murray Church in Attleboro and at the Chatham, MA Meeting House.  In other lifetimes, he was a middle school teacher at a boys’ prep school in New York City and Vice President for Technology at the American Stock Exchange.

Sunday, October 15: LAGBT+ Justice–Yesterday and Today

Presenter: Monique Paul

National Coming Out” day is celebrated on October 11th. It was necessary when it was created and it is still needed now, more than ever with the anti-trans, anti-gay initiatives.  Monique will talk about the good it has done over the years in the fight against discrimination and prejudices of our society as a whole and how it has helped people become their “best” selves for themselves, their families and society in general.

Monique Paul, is a 67 yr. old Transwoman from Coventry, R.I. She Transitioned 12 years ago after, as she describes it, denying her authentic self for over 50 years. She retired in 2022 after 25 years as a lab tech with Fujifilm Electronic Materials. Ms Paul has been involved in the Transgender Community for many years, joining TGI Network of R.I. 11 years ago, and currently serving as its President. She is also working with the RI Commission on Prejudice & Bias speaking to Police Cadets throughout the State. As a hobby she has been involved with the scuba diving community since the 1970’s.

TGI Network of Rhode Island, is a statewide organization providing support, education, and advocacy for the TGI (transgender, gender diverse, and intersex) communities in Rhode Island and surrounding areas.   

Sunday, October 22: Ancestors that Travel Beside Us

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Alberto Ríos, in his poem “A House Called Tomorrow” wrote “You are a hundred wild centuries…/bringing with you/ In every breath and in every step/ Everyone who has come before you.” This Sunday, a week before All Souls Day, when we honor the memory of our ancestors Bill will talk about how our ancestors shaped their world and now our world. 

Everyone is invited to bring a picture of an ancestor – parent, grandparent, uncle — to place on an Altar of Remembrance to join us for this service.

Sunday, October 29: A UU Look at Halloween

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Marking a day pertaining to the dead and their potential connection (or interference) with the living goes back centuries.  Today it has become more of a candy eating, partying day for children as well as adults.  Some cultures want to scare away the dead on this day and some invite the dead to reconnect with the living.  Bill will look at this holiday with a UU eye to see what it means for people of all religious and spiritual (and maybe ghostly) interests.