Worship Services 

Sunday, July 7: Clearing Out:  A Hidden Key to Deepening Your Spiritual Life

Speaker: Jeannette Bessinger

Marie Kondo’s books and philosophy on the “magical art of tidying up” have swept much of the world by storm. Her message, though simple, is a timely balm to our “congested” lives and over-full minds. The practice of clearing out – in your living spaces, your mind, your belly and even your schedule – can have an immediate and profound effect on your energy levels, your ability to make change, and your inherent-but-untapped connection to the Flow of Life itself. Join us for an exploration of this under-utilized spiritual practice that’s available in every phase of life.

 Jeannette Bessinger, CHHC, interfaith minister and real food expert, is an award-winning educator and author of multiple books featuring healthy eating. Designer of a long-running and successful, hospital-based, lifestyle change program and countless transformational workshops, Jeannette has helped thousands of people make lasting changes to deeply entrenched habits that no longer serve them. 

Sunday, July 14: Misunderstanding Science

Speaker: John Prevedini

What is science, really? How is it distinct from “STEM”? And what is its role in the humanities?

Longtime Channing member John Dante Prevedini is a composer, educator, and public speaker living and working throughout New England. Drawing upon a variety of fields of knowledge, his overall work aims to examine unconventional facets of everyday life through a multidisciplinary lens.

Sunday, July 21:  Not because they are easy but because they are hard   

Speaker: Tom Beall

The United States, in terms of its ideals, has always been at war with itself.  It is a war of Christian dogma versus secular enlightenment.  The Apollo voyages to the Moon 50 years ago represented the pinnacle of the latter, the striving for greatness as a human adventure.  50 years later we have moved far in the direction of Christian dogma.  Is that a good thing?

Tom Beall has been a member of Channing for 18 years.  He is a collector of rare books and documents on America’s space program.

Sunday, July 28: Guideposts for Making Moral Decisions

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Making decisions always requires making choices. Making choices in our complex lives, is, well, complex.  This Sunday, Bill is stepping in to lead the service.  His sermon will walk us through some questions we may wish to take into consideration that may guide us in making major “life issue” decisions.

Sunday, August 4: Barnabas Bates~UU Leader and Father of Cheap Postage   

Speaker: Christine Laudon

The LaFarge windows dedicated to the memory of Barnabas Bates have long been the source of a mystery.  What did he do to become the Father of Cheap Postage and why does that matter?  What is his connection to William Ellery Channing?  Come and find out the many nuances of his life work and participate in an historical drama.

Chris Laudon is a Channing member who has been involved in the architectural preservation of our buildings and a tour guide for the Newport Restoration Foundation and Channing Memorial Church.

Sunday, August 11: Oceans in a Changing World: What can we do?    

Speaker: Drew Carey

The world’s oceans are so closely associated with climate that we have to consider how changes in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide will affect the oceans in our state and community.  What is the scale of the problem and what can we do locally to respond?

Drew Carey is a marine scientist engaged in assessing the health of the seafloor across the world.  He is also engaged in local issues of stormwater, ocean health and resilience of coastal communities.

 Sunday, August 18: Freedom Moves West       

Rev. William Zelazny

In the 19th century the United States expanded westward and along with it Unitarianism.  Bill will look at our movement out of New England past the Allegheny mountains to become a continent-wide expression of free religious thought and practice.  Along the way we will stop in Lawrence Kansas to see how Unitarians supported the abolitionists’ fight for a slave-free Kansas.

Meet Channing Church!

This Sunday friends and members of Channing Memorial Church are invited to bring a neighbor or friend to get acquainted with our church and the Family Ministry Program.  Rev. Bill and JoAnne Ritchie will be available to talk about Channing Church and what we can offer people looking for a doctrine-free progressive religious home.

Sunday, August 25:  “The immigrants are coming!!  What’s a Unitarian to do?”

Speaker: Eleanor Doumato

1891 was a banner year for immigration into the United States, and that year the Rev. George W. Cutter gave a sermon from our pulpit warning of the dangers of an unfiltered mass of foreigners coming to our shores.

Eleanor Doumato, Board President and historian, discovered the sermon while cataloging our Channing archives and her talk will be a reflection on Rev. Cutter’s admonitions and the meaning of his advice for our time.