Worship Services 

Sunday, October 7:  Rev. Bill Zelazny

The Joy of Actively Noticing

Approaching the world with mindful awareness can enable us to more accurately assess and respond to situations, release judgment and stay open to possibilities. Limiting beliefs are pierced and we can be truly aware in the moment.  It’s the essence of engagement.  Bill will talk about what noticing means and how it can make life more fun.

This is our first official All Family Sunday where the children will be in the sanctuary for the service.  We will take a few minutes and join our children in an active noticing exercise, perhaps seeing something new in our sanctuary.

Sunday, October 14: Channing Caregiving, Channing Choir & Friends, Musicians

Caregiving Worship Service

Experience How Music & Other Sounds Restore and Comfort!

Sunday, October 21: Rev. Bill Zelazny

Creating Our Own Sanctuary

A sanctuary is a place that restores us, replenishes us, nourishes us. In this renewal, we are reminded, once again, of what really is important.  Everyone needs a sanctuary and that sanctuary is holy space, because it has the power to bring us back to what really is important. Bill will take a look at the concept of sanctuary and its importance in our lives.

Sunday, October 28: Rev. Tom Schade

Our Story is Our Covenant

What binds Unitarian Universalists together is the lessons of our journey together. What have we learned together through our experiences in the tumultuous 75 years of our country. I will try to sum up the lessons of our history.

Rev. Tom Schade returns for his fifth service at Channing.  Rev. Shade retired in 2012 after serving for thirteen years as minister of First Unitarian Church of  Worcester, and lives in Providence.