Worship Services 

 Wednesday, November 1, 6:30pm

A Remembering Ceremony to Celebrate Those Who Died

Rev. Bill will conduct a non-denominational “Remembering Ceremony” in the church Sanctuary on November 1.  After a brief memorial service people will have the opportunity to light a candle in silence and place it in the Remembrance Wall.  All are invited to participate.

Sunday, November 5

End of Daylight Savings Time, don’t forget to set your clocks back 1 hour!

An Eating Theology

Rev. Bill Zelazny

Modern society often treats food and meal-sharing as little more than mechanical necessities.  But there can be more to eating and growing food since food is connected to community, life, death – things that many people consider to be in some way spiritual.  Bill will look at eating and food on this Sunday,  a few weeks before the start of our cultural annual eating festivities,  to consider if there is an underlying theology about food consumption and preparation.

Sunday, November 12

10:00am: A Joyful Celebration of the Channing Caregiving Program

Barbara Russell-Willett, Nickie Kates, & Rev Bill Zelazny

Enjoy a few stories by Caregivers and care receivers with inspiring music by the Channing Choir

11:30am: Transgender Day of Remembrance Service  

Following the regular Sunday worship service on November 12, Channing Interweave will host a Transgender Day of Remembrance service in the Sanctuary.  Please come for a moving service of readings, music, and the reading of the names of the 2017 transgender murder victims.

Sunday, November 19

The Gift of Giving Thanks

Jessica Thomas & Rev. Bill Zelazny

Americans have one day out of 365 that is designated for gratitude – Thanksgiving Day. But why shouldn’t every day be Thanksgiving?  Not huge piles of food, but intentional and honest appreciation for what we have.   Gratitude seems to come as an emotional reaction to a favorable event or outcome. But it also can be a way of life.  This Sunday Bill will talk about the gift, to ourselves and others, of living thankfully all year.

As part of this intergenerational service we will conduct our annual Bread Ceremony.  Bill and Jess invite all members and friends of Channing to bring some kind of bread that represents your ethnic heritage or in some way describes you or your family.  We hope that some gluten free bread will also be brought so that everyone may share in the Bread Communion.  We will cut the bread into pieces and distribute it so that we may share the ancient custom of breaking bread together in this faith community.

 Sunday, November 26

Thanksgiving Reflections in Song and Story

John Burnham, Eleanor Doumato, Rachel Balaban, and Rachel Hanauer

Reflections, dancing, and hymn singing add up to a joyous post-Thanksgiving service giving voice to all we have to be thankful.